We want to ensure that during every step of your child’s education, we have the programs, resources and support in place for them. When your child is working through the first levels of their decoding challenges with reading, we’ll also be ready for their advanced reading comprehension four steps down the road. When your middle school child is first exploring what they’d like to do when they grow up, we’re adapting our program to ensure that we’ll adequately prepare him or her with the 21st Century skills needed to succeed in the new decade. To always be several steps ahead, while still providing unparalleled experiences in the present, we needed support to ensure your child always remains our top priority.

For our teachers, your child’s daily education is their biggest concern. For our research affiliates, your child’s future is their concentration. Our connection with Headwater Learning allows your child to be the primary focus of a team of educators at CA, while Headwater Learning Foundation focuses on the future of education and Headwater Learning Solutions advances in education theory into programming and classroom practice. The result is a collective benefit of hundreds of people invested in ensuring your child’s success, every day and at every stage of his or her life.

CA’s focus will always be on providing the best learning experience for your child. Headwater Learning Solutions will always be the busy hands, crafting and shaping the programs and strategies for the future of education. And Headwater Learning Foundation will be the laser-focused eyes, scanning the horizon for innovations in education. Independently we function as efficient, highly effective units. But when we come together collaboratively, we transform into a force for positive change in education, and ensure your child gets the best-proven, research-backed and future-proofed education possible.

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Our people are amazing.

Our people are what make our school special, so we only hire the best. They’re passionate leaders and coaches. They’re lifelong learners. They’re unconditionally committed to our students. They may get lost in the excitement of explaining a concept to their students, but that’s an occupational hazard when you love what you do. When amazing people come together, the results are extraordinary.

The same rigor that goes into developing our students’ programs goes into honing our staff. Once they join our community, they are mentored and supported throughout their entire career. Our team is continually encouraged to push themselves and develop their practice. When everything is about the students, good enough is never good enough.

Our secret to success.

We know that at the end of one’s academic career, more than they remember a specific formula, equation or project, they remember their teachers. The ones who made them laugh, the ones who frustrated them, and the ones who changed their lives. This is why we only hire the best teachers, and then invest in them every year to ensure they are always learning and growing and improving, just like our students. Because we know great teachers are one of the secrets to maximizing students’ success.

Learning never stops.

Great teachers are better prepared to help their students succeed. That’s why we make sure our teachers are continually learning new methods, improving their practice and continually adapting their instruction to meet the needs of your child. Our program requires specialized skills, so our teachers complete specialized professional development, specifically designed for our program and our students. On average, teachers complete 35 days of professional development every year. The results of our efforts are seen in the classroom everyday: our teachers have the skills and experience necessary to deliver an unparalleled educational experience that unleashes our students’ potential.

Coaches aren’t just for sports.

Every new teacher that joins the CA team participates in a one-year comprehensive training and mentorship program where they are matched up with an experienced CA teacher. Together, they will work through the things that make our school unlike any others. They’ll learn our strategies and tactics from their mentor, and then put it into practice with our full-time Instructional Coach observing, providing feedback and individualized instruction on how to improve. Like our students, our teachers are supported every step of the way: this close-knit culture makes asking for support not just easy, but encouraged, and ensures that we succeed and grow as a teaching team.

Practice what you teach.

All of these measures showcase what we know to be true: learning never stops. Our teachers are better prepared to support their students when they know they are backed by the knowledge, expertise and support of an entire school. Our staff put to practice what our students learn everyday: they may not know something yet, but they will. Just as we equip our students with a variety of skills and abilities to help them achieve their best, we do the sane for our teachers too. And no one benefits from that more than our students.

Testimonial Spotlight

At the end of the day, you want to know your child is getting the best education possible. Who better to hear what makes CA special from than the people who will be instructing your child everyday? Watch and listen as our staff share with you why they love teaching at Calgary Academy, and why they believe their students’ lives are changed for the better when they graduate from here.