Just as our staff supports our students, and our school supports our staff, Calgary Academy has a quiet supporter. CAERF has been on the sidelines for most of CA’s history, providing direction and guidance, and helping us help our students succeed. CAERF contributes to CA’s sustainability and longevity through management oversight and thoughtful guidance to both CA and CERA, ensuring our organizations work in tandem and contribute to our lasting legacy. Together, our three organizations challenge one another to continue raising our standards of excellence, and ensure that while our teachers are taking care of your child, someone is also taking care of our school.

CAERF also provides strategic support to CA’s operational costs by continuously identifying opportunities to more efficiently deliver our programs with compromising quality or affordability.

Some of the benefits CAERF provides to CA include:

  • Resource development for bursaries, new programs and growth;
  • Financial support for CERA projects at CA;
  • Business support in human resources, resource development, marketing and communications;
  • Asset management.