We are pleased to offer transportation to all Calgary Academy students. We redesign our bus routes every year to transport students in a safe and efficient manner. Our transportation provider, First Student, confirms bus route information by the third week in August to families who indicate interest by submitting the student transportation form, in the parent portal, during enrolment.

For details on fees visit the Fees & Payments page.

Calgary Academy is committed to minimizing ride times for students, while being mindful that full busses help control costs. Students from all grades will ride the same busses. To reduce ride times, routes will be developed that minimize the number of communities and the total number of stops on each bus route. If your child is the only stop in a community, it may be necessary for parents to drive to a common morning pick up location in another community. Calgary Academy will endeavour to drop off these students at their home address in the afternoon. To maximize route efficiency, older students living in the same community may be required to walk reasonable distances (up to 1 km) to a common pick up location. Once bus routes have been established, changes will only be accommodated if they do not affect the overall student ride times.

For details on the communities we serve, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Current COVID-19 protocols require students to wear a mask while on the bus and will have assigned seating. Additional information on COVID-19 precautions will be shared directly with families who have indicated an interest in bussing.

To apply, visit our Admissions page.

Existing families can access their transportation contract and pay fees via PowerSchool.